Terms and Conditions


The record of sales regarding original oil works and prints sold by the studio are handled with the strictest confidentiality, we do not share collector information under any circumstances.


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The value of artworks supplied by The Lincoln Townley Studio Group can fall as well as rise. Collectors may not get back the amount initially spent on the artworks.


The Lincoln Townley Studio Group pays commissions to galleries, art agents and introducers for completed artwork sales. Commission payments are made by bank transfer once the Lincoln Townley Studio Group has been paid in full. Packing and transportation is organised by the Lincoln Townley Studio Group.


Original artworks and prints supplied from the studio are not supplied framed unless by prior arrangement.


The outbreak of coronavirus/COVID-19 has caused numerous companies and art event organisers to postpone, reschedule or even cancel public events. Due to regulations and advisories from governments and public health organisations banning large gatherings of people, various local, national and international art events, will not take place as scheduled, if at all. Please be aware this notice covers The Lincoln Townley Studio Group to postpone or cancel any art event or exhibition locally or internationally without notice. Any artworks being shown or associated with an event for resale are void of reimbursement. Money taken before, during or after a scheduled art exhibition will not be refunded.


The re-sale of Lincoln Townley artworks through art agents, galleries and auction houses must first go through an authentication process before they are deemed clear for the secondary market. This process is undertaken by www.bank-vault.com which acts as the authenticator of artworks by the British artist Lincoln Townley.

Should the work be verified as authentic Bank Vault will issue you with a certificate of authenticity clearly stamped Bank Vault approved. Once approved Bank Vault will store the information provided to record you as the owner, after which no one else can claim ownership of the work.

At this point the approved artwork can enter the secondary market through art agent, galleries or auction houses globally. We ask for your patience as this process can take time.


Manchester head office: +441613991716