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Three Faces of Michael Caine

Three Faces of Michael Caine

Townley has painted a number of portraits of his close friend Sir Michael Caine and the Three Faces of Michael Caine is his most deeply personal tribute to the screen Icon.

The face on the left is from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, a film for which Michael Caine was nominated for Golden Globe and which he regards as one of his best films. The face on the right is Michael Caine as Harry Palmer in the classic 1960s espionage thriller The Ipcress File, a film that features in the British Film Institute’s 100 best films of the 20th century. It’s also a film Townley recalls with particular affection as it introduced him to the work of Michael Caine and he still regards it as his personal favourite.

The face in the centre is Michael Caine as he is today. He is visually bound to the other two faces trough a shared eye, which has the effect of pulling together the disparate elements of his career. It also shows the connection between Caine and Townley. Sir Michael has called Townley “the next Andy Warhol” and Townley regards Michael Caine as the Icon who stands as the epitome of artistic power and perseverance. As such, the Three Faces of Michael Caine is more than a portrait of an Icon. It is a personal tribute to an actor Townley regards as the finest of his or any other generation.

In my opinion you’re the next Andy Warhol.

– Sir Michael Caine