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Surprise Collection 2017

The Surprise Collection

Townley’s original oils depict the turbulence of a descent into the darkest depths of the unconscious mind where form and structure dissipate to leave the raw, intense energy of a struggle for survival. The twisted, writhing faces are clawing at life. Like mythological heroes and shamans, these figures are defined and set apart by their capacity to face their demons and survive. This is the capacity that all great Icons possess. Their power is the power of a journey few have the courage or will to undertake.

That’s why jagged lines or the Icon’s name in bold capitals, acts as a barrier between the viewer and many of Townley’s Icons. This barrier is a reminder that behind every great name is a heroic struggle, the outcome of which is always uncertain and never resolved. This struggle is the essence of what it is to be an artist and the Icons and original oils are unified around the iconography of the unconscious: the descent into the depths or the power we find if we make it back to the surface.

The latest collection is titled Surprise. A powerful visual depiction of the darkness man has to conquer to gain ultimate iconic stature.