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BAFTA LA Britannia Award Portraits

Ricky Gervais with LT portrait

BAFTA LA Britannia Award portraits raise tens of thousands in minutes for Access for All charity campaign

Leading contemporary artist Lincoln Townley created a collection of portraits celebrating the BAFTA LA Britannia Awards Honorees 2016. Within moments of their release at the exclusive event one set of the limited edition prints had already raised $60,000 for the charity. The set of 6 portraits are available in an edition of 5 and extremely sort after, click here to check availability. More details of the charity are set out below.


The Access for All campaign is a range of impactful initiatives created by BAFTA Los Angeles to create a foot-in- the-door and a pathway to success for talented individuals, uninhibited by background, demographics or personal circumstance. With initiatives that range from grassroots community events to professional development programs, the Access for All campaign makes equal opportunity a closer reality in our business.

The entertainment industry offers not only life-changing and varied career opportunities, but also the ability for an audience to see the world through the eyes of others. It is a dream we all share. However not everyone gets the chance to pursue it.

The campaign drives funds to support acclaimed scholarship, education and community initiatives, allowing BAFTA LA to discover, support and nurture talented professionals from all walks of life.

We invite our industry, supporters, members and beyond to support these important initiatives an make Access for All a reality.

In collaboration with a variety of partners including the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, LAUSD, Washington Preparatory High School, BAFTA LA publicly showcases opportunities and potential careers in the entertainment industry, both on and off screen. For those actively pursuing their careers, BAFTA LA offers focused, targeted programs that provide specific developmental support and professional training.

INNER CITY CINEMA brings the magic of cinema to areas without access to public movie theaters through its initiative. Free public screenings and Q&As are held throughout the year at county parks in South LA, to capture the imaginations of children and families, raising awareness of the many career opportunities within the industry.

INNER CITY MENTORING provides over 1000 hours of expert mentorship to the film students at George Washington Preparatory High School. Through stimulating lectures, one-on-one coaching, and collaborative short film projects, this initiative allows students to experience life on both sides of the camera.

THE HIGH FLYERS PROGRAM provides 10 inner city high school students who demonstrate the talent and drive to succeed with structured, intensive support and mentorship, connecting them with filmmaking workshops, internships and professional development events. BAFTA LA also provides safe transportation around the city to attend events and workshops.

BAFTA LA provides SCHOLARSHIPS for British students at US film schools, with a belief that the world’s most talented emerging filmmakers should have access to the world’s best film education.

The BAFTA US STUDENT FILM AWARDS will expand in 2017 to identify and celebrate more of the best creative works produced by American and international post-graduate students studying in the United States, connecting promising international students with BAFTA’s membership and programming, 56 Schools across the US participated in 2016 and further expansion is planned for 2017.

The NEWCOMERS PROGRAM recognizes and supports 35 rising UK stars who have recently moved to Los Angeles to further their development and career. The program recognizes the long and fruitful legacy of UK talents moving to the US to expand their knowledge, develop their skills, and expand their network of peers.

In an effort to preserve the legacy of the industry for future generations, BAFTA Los Angeles will seek to provide access to its HERITAGE ARCHIVE collection of unique one-on- one interviews with legendary British filmmakers. The Archive includes over 200 hours of footage from almost 100 interview subjects including Michael Caine, Malcolm McDowell, Lyn Redgrave, Roger Moore, and Helen Mirren.

Raising Record Funds from International Art Collectors